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Thomas Engine sheds and Turntable

Saturday, after we counted all his coins Miguel didn’t stop bugging us to go to the mall and buy the Thomas turntable. So after we had our lunch, we went straight to the mall near us.

At first we can’t find the toy from the rack that we saw it last time. I looked around on the aisle of Thomas train, no luck either… but wait, when I removed the big box on the shelf, which was placed in front and covering small ones, there it was! The Engine Sheds and Turntable.

Engine Sheds and Turntable

Migs hold it at once and never put down until he’s sure Daddy we’re at the counter already, hehe… The husband decided also to buy few more rails so we can connect and expand Migs’ own Thomas train world…

So here the turntable connected to his existing rails…

Engine sheds and Turntable

The engine yard (this was Mommy and Daddy’s Christmas gift)
Engine Yard

Migs checking on Thomas… (we’re taking photos and he’s looking at it… )
Migs looking on Thomas

He’s playing this the whole weekend. Makes him busy, that’s why I can do my own work too, hahaha

And here the whole view of his Thomas train, his own Island of Sodor, hahaha…
(ehem, I’m the one who assembled that all, hahaha!)
Migs Thomas train Toys

When we arranged it Saturday afternoon, it didn’t look like the one above. Yung yard at sheds nakalabas na sa mat at naapakan namin pag lalakad, hehe…Sunday morning, when the husband went jogging, I was still sleeping when Migs came to wake me up to arrange his Thomas train. So kinareer ko na, hehe.. and as soon the husband went home, he was surprised, hahaha! At sabi puwde na ko maging Engineer, hahaha…

We only have a small flat so that alone occupies our whole living room, hehe.

We told him he could play this on weekends only and not during school days. So right now, it’s all kept at the top of cabinet where he can’t reach, hehe…

Now do you think he stop asking for more… na ah! He just told me yesterday, he wanted next the Thomas & Friends Water & Coal Station for his birthday, hahahaha!!!! He was able to play it last friday at the Toy library so I told him we can just go there and play that toy.

Well, I guess that’s enough for Thomas toys, huh!

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  1. Taylor Says:

    That Thomas set is so adorable. My children are obsessed with trains so this is something I know that they would really enjoy.

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